BioMax PhytoPatch / 50 mg

BioMax PhytoPatch / 50 mg

SKU: 1049

The PhytoPatch™ by BioMax™ is a phytocannabinoid rich patch that contains 50 mg of active cannabinoids and terpenoids with a 10:1 cannabidiol:cannabigerol ratio. This extended wear patch is formulated to be used for 24-36 hours, eliminating the need to apply multiple patches each day. Our patch can be applied directly over sore aching areas of the body, which puts the PCR extract right where you need it. Phytopatch™ makes an ideal addition to your bathroom cabinet as well as your gym bag.


    Apply directly to point of discomfort. Place a hand over entire patch, press firmyl, hold for 10 seconds. Topical delivery is intended for 24-36 hour use. DO NOT LEAVE PATCH ON FOR MARE THAN 36 HOURS AT A TIME. Do not apply over areas of broken or irritated skin. Avoid applying directly onto boney areas.


    Total PCR Extract Per Patch: 50 mg

    10:1 Cannabidiol: Cannabigerol Ratio


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