Active Duty RX Clarity + Focus Extra Strength
  • Active Duty RX Clarity + Focus Extra Strength

    Active Duty Clarity & Focus EX is leading the industry with the most powerful nootropic supplements on the market. Formulated to support cognitive activity for optimum brain function and facilitate normal emotional balance. While combating the challenges of PTSD, there are many who are looking for a natural solution. Extra strength helps coping with external stresses to maintain a normal and relaxed disposition. Supports normal cardiovascular, immune and neurological function. This powerhouse product is loaded with 19 essential vitamins, minerals and adaptogenic herbs including CBD that assist normal nerve conduction and memory recall. Vibration Frequency Programming increases the absorption and bioavailability of these ingredients into your body.



      Bacopa Monnieri, Vitamin C, Ginkgo Biloba, Rhodiola Rosea, DMAE, Calcium Carbonate, Lemon, Rosemary, L-Tyrosine, Vitamin B6, Sage Extract, Vitamin B-12, Moringa, Phenylalanine, Minerals, PCR Extract, Ginger 


      Total PCR Extract: 300mg